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I believe that players need to be coached to maximize their mental and physical capabilities by setting short, middle, and long-term goals to ensure their visions comes true.

B. Maynard
Golf Instructor

Coach Brad Maynard

PGA Golf Instructor. Teaching People to Play Golf.

My philosophy is to help every player reach their absolute potential not only in golf, but in life. I believe that players need to be coached to maximize their mental and physical capabilities by setting short, middle, and long-term goals to ensure their visions comes true. To reach an elite level, players need to become “efficient” and “aware”.

The elite level players are very well versed in multiple areas and don’t only work hard, but work hard the right ways and in the right areas. They also understand their golf game and are very aware of what causes a missed shot versus a great shot.

After initial evaluations, I customize plans for each golfer to help them set realistic goals, and provides the tools, resources, education, and feedback to make sure that every minute spent training is as efficient as possible.

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Goal SettingGoal setting is the most important piece to efficient improvement, yet many players neglect to take care of this first step. From technique to performance skills, we can visually and statistically measure baselines and track a player’s improvement. I review short, middle, and long-term goals with the players frequently to ensure each are being challenged appropriately and progressing forward.

Technical Development

Technical skill development is essential to reach a peak level in your golf game. Each golfer must use each club efficiently for the different type of situations that arise on the course. This would mean that they need a repeatable/predictable swing that will hit the golf ball a reasonable distance with accuracy. The amount of technical development implemented in the coaching depends on the skill level and physical attributes of each golfer.

Swing Philosophy

My goal with coaching is to have my students rely less and less on me and work towards becoming their own coach. Every golfer needs to be able to self-diagnose pieces of their game so they know what they can change or alter when they are on the course or playing in a competitive situation. My players are all educated on their tendencies and “why” the ball is reacting the way it is based on their golf swing.

Mental Awareness

Golf is a game where we need to have very clear and decisive thoughts so that the mind can efficiently control the body to execute a desired thought. Teaching golfers when to focus internally vs. externally is a large piece to reaching a peak level. I bridge mental training from the practice tee to the course so that each player is thinking and training the same way they play on the course, every single round.


Raised in Shelbyville, KY, I started playing when I was 13 years old and have never stopped.  After playing in High School, I went on to play golf at Kentucky Wesleyan College.  In 1999, I turned pro and became an Assistant Golf Professional at Highland Country Club in Ft. Thomas, KY and been teaching golf ever since.  Along the way, I have played in numerous tournaments, section events and mini tour tournaments.

Currently, I am the Head Golf Professional at Persimmon Ridge Golf Club in Louisville, KY.  Persimmon Ridge is one of the premier golf courses in the state.  Persimmon Ridge allows my students to learn and get better at this game with premier practice facilities and technology.

As a member of the Professional Golfers Association of America (PGA), I have learned valuable teaching skills and experience over the years.  With this knowledge, my goal is to pass it on to my students, so they can learn to love this great game as much as I do.  

Coach Brad Maynard